Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Looking for validation...

As I flipped through my latest issue of one of my favorite magazines, Experience Life, I found an article that chronicled the journey of a woman who struggled with bulimia and managed to get her life back by starting to exercise.  While I can absolutely testify to the power of healthful activity (key word, HEALTHful), I am somewhat doubtful that this can always a positive path to recovery. 

ESPECIALLY when, as this woman did, there is an emphasis on weight loss.  Regardless of which eating disorder you suffer from, I really don't think it's a good idea to enter yourself into a weight loss challenge.  So much of eating disorders is fueled by competition.  ALSO, the weight loss described in this article (not gonna post the exact numbers... if you're curious, read the article) seems WAY too quick to be considered healthy or sustainable.

I won't deny that what this woman did was a great positive change for her, but I think that focusing the article so much on her weight loss and specific numbers, and not clarifying that someone struggling with an eating disorder should consult professional help before trying to jump into an exercise regimen is irresponsible on their part. I put in a nice comment on the bottom expressing my concerns about this, rather than scrutinizing her experience. 

What does anyone else think? Am I out of line here? Is it just my overly-paranoid eating disordered brain speaking here?

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  1. Completely agree!! And I can see where my ED voice could be triggered (wanting to compete) by her ability to health-fully be able to lose weight... After all it's losing weight... Clearly she's not 'cured' from her ED or her weight and size wouldn't be an issue. Good for you for using your voice!!