Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Fuck Cigna

I've taken up a hobby lately of bombarding my health insurance company's facebook page with what I would consider constructive feedback, regarding my shitty experience with them.

To make a long story short, they have denied continued care in numerous levels of care before my teams have felt it would have been appropriate to do so.  As a result, when I fell back down so hard after leaving residential and making no progress even in intensive outpatient programming, I ended up back in residential.

...Only to be kicked out after two weeks because it was no longer "medically necessary"....  Huh?  I mean, I can understand using medical necessity as a guideline for inpatient care because that is more for stabilization, but for residential? Since when is an eating disorder a medical disease more so than it is a MENTAL disorder?  At certain points I was suicidal, experiencing intense and disorienting side effects from medications, and I was still orthostatic, dehydrated, dizzy, and most importantly, I was still using symptoms. EVEN UNDER 24 HOUR CARE.

And yet I still wasn't sick enough.

So this prompted my rage, which thus turned into this, among other similar responses to some of their status updates, posts, and questions for their "fans" (who i'm sure only "liked" them because they want to keep tabs on what kind of crap the "walmart of health insurance" is spewing on facebook).

 Ah. That feels better. I find that when I get mad and rageful towards them I find some new sort of inspiration to fight this damn eating disorder, just to spite them.
Oh, and in other, i guess related news, 9 FUCKING DAYS B/P FREE!

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